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I'm looking for open source applications written for the Lift Web framework. I want to read their code, and learn the best Lift-ish coding style from those.

Anyone knows good open source Lift web applications?

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Does anybody know about larger applications? Toy projects like these only get you so far... – Kim Stebel Nov 2 '10 at 17:50
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You might have a look at:

The interesting thing here is, that it uses JPA instead of the Lift Mapper. For many shops this might ease the "oh everything is new" shock when moving to Scala/Lift.

FYI an updated version of this sample app can be found here:


  • Designer Friendly Templates

  • Updated to Scala 2.10.0, Lift 2.5-M4

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I recently downloaded pocketchangeapp from A simple application runs in Scala 2.0 by Derek Chen-Becker, very useful for learning from existing code.

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It's not necessarily paradigmatic, but Lift Poker is wicked cool:

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Lift samples is a good place to start

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Just to complete the list. One prominent example is Apaches ESME.

A good starting point is (a blogging software written with the lift framework)

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