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I'm trying to find out what type of membership which is the type_id has with a count of cars that have this membership

Here are my tables

create table car_hire
(car_id char (5)  primary key not null,
car_reg varchar (15) not null,
car_make varchar (20) not null,
car_model varchar (20) not null,
car_year date not null,
type_id char (5) not null)

create table car_type
(type_id   char(4) primary key not null,
type_decription varchar (15) not null,
Hire_cost int (5) not null)

Please help

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What have you tried? What is the problem with it? –  Mark Byers Jun 30 '10 at 23:29
Can you post an example of queries you've tried but didn't work? Us doing your homework/job/whatever-else-it-is for you doesn't really help in the long term, but helping you understand how to do it is better all-round. –  Anon. Jun 30 '10 at 23:30

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select t.type_id, count(*)
from car_type t left join car_hire h on t.type_id = h.type_id
group by t.type_id
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Thank you sooooo much!!! it worked! I'm very new to sql so i'm still trying to understand it. I tried SELECT Car_id, COUNT(type_description) as "number of cars" FROM car_type,car_hires where car_id GROUP BY type_description which came up with something but didn't do the trick ;-( Is there a website that explains queries in full? –  user380603 Jun 30 '10 at 23:38


SELECT type_id, COUNT(*)
FROM car_hire
GROUP BY type_id
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