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I'm looking to make a QToolBar with a few actions in it, each of which is "checkable" (that is, I call setCheckable(true) on each action after creating it, which leaves the button in the down state after clicking it).

The only way I can think of "unchecking" the other buttons is to hook into each button's triggered signal and uncheck the other buttons when a given button is checked.

Is there a better way?

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Create a QActionGroup and let it be the parent of your actions. This QActionGroup will maintain the states of its children.

QActionGroup *anActionGroup = new QActionGroup(yourParentWidget);
QAction* action1 = new QAction("Action 1", anActionGroup);
QAction* action2 = new QAction("Action 2", anActionGroup);
QAction* actionN = new QAction("Action N", anActionGroup);

// Add these action to the tool bar
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That should work, for the general case of n exclusive buttons, there is QButtonGroup, too. –  Frank Osterfeld Jul 1 '10 at 8:31

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