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I udpated the code on my development machine, then deploy it to production machine(git server and production server are on the same machine). from the brower i can see the change i made was not there.

I went to cap's current folder, i can see all the code are updated, but in the latest release folder, the code are still old version. I've ran

cap deploy:cleanup
cap deploy

still got the same result.

then i tried to remove all the code from my development machine, and use git clone to get the branch from git server found out everything is alright.

in cap's deploy.rb, i already defined:

set :branch, 'inventoryTrakcing'

so it should work. is that because the git problem? i've committed all the changes why it still won't work? Thanks

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If you copied and pasted the code from deploy.rb you might have a typo in the branch name.

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