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I'm trying to use PHP preg to extract the integer at the end of the string below, in the example its "4", but could be any number coming after "INBOX/", also the "testtester1010@mydomain.com" is a variable so it could be any address




I've been going in circles with this, I guess I don't really understand how to do this and the regex examples I am finding in my searches just don't seem to address something like this, I would greatly appreciate any help..

ps. If anyone knows of a good regex software for building queries like this (for extraction) I would appreciate letting me know as I have spent countless hours lately with regex and still haven't found a software that seems to help in this.. thanks

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Is it certain that there will always be a number at the end of the string? If not, what do you want to happen - should the regex fail to match, or should it match everything after the last slash regardless? –  Tim Pietzcker Jul 1 '10 at 7:47

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Why not simply match \d+$ - this will match any trailing number.

if (preg_match('/\d+$/', $subject, $match)) {
    $result = $match[0];
} else {
    $result = "";

If you want to match anything (even it it's not a number) after the last slash, just use [^/]+$ instead:

preg_match('#[^/]+$#', $subject, $match)
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preg_match('#/([^/]*)$#', $str, $matches);

We first check for a slash. Then the capturing group is zero or more non-slash characters. Then, the end of the string. $matches[1] holds the result.

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Thanks that works –  Rick Jul 1 '10 at 3:53

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