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i want to get the custom profile fields which i have made in user profile part,

i want to get that values and show on one simple page i have tried this one....

<?php print $profile['Personal Information']['profile_fname']['#value']; ?>

but its not working....

i want to show all the fields on that page....

thanks in advance,


i got the answer....

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If you 'got the answer', you should post it as an answer to your own question here - that way others might 'get it' as well ;) –  Henrik Opel Jul 2 '10 at 8:15

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// load profile fields

//print values - 
//note the variable names after $account-> are the names given when you created the custom fields for the user profiles
<?php echo $account->profile_first_name;?> 
<?php echo $account->profile_last_name;?>
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