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I m using phpmailer and when i send newsletter i m just getting 0kb file size, Could anybody help me plz

$mail = new PHPMailer();

$mail->From     = "";
$mail->FromName = "mywebsite";
$mail->Host     = "localhost";

$newsletter=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_newsletter WHERE nid='$nid'");

//get all the products associated with this newsletter

if(!empty($_REQUEST["mailtype"]) && $_REQUEST["mailtype"]=="manual")
   //check for attachment

   foreach($chkarr as $toemail)
    $mail->Body  = $body;
    $mail->Subject = $mailsubject;

    //$mail->AddAttachment($path, $attach,'base64','image/jpeg');
    $mail->AddAttachment($path, $file_name,'base64','image/jpeg');
     echo "error sending to".$toemail." <br>";

    echo "send mail succesfully !";
    echo "<script>location.href='index.php?function=newsletter&list'</script>";
    // Clear all addresses and attachments for next loop
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