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Question: In SQL Server 2005, how can I list all SQL CLR-functions/procedures that use assembly xy (e.g. MyFirstUdp) ?

For example a function that lists HelloWorld for query parameter MyFirstUdp

AS EXTERNAL NAME MyFirstUdp.[SQL_CLRdll.MySQLclass].HelloWorld

after I ran

CREATE ASSEMBLY MyFirstUdp FROM 'C:\Users\username\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\SQL_CLRdll\SQL_CLRdll\bin\Debug\SQL_CLRdll.dll

I can list all assemblies and all functions/procedures, but I seem to be unable to associate the assembly to the functions/procedures...

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Check out the sys.assembly_modules view:

select * from sys.assembly_modules

This should list all functions and the assemblies they're defined in. See the Books Online help page about it.

Returns one row for each function, procedure or trigger that is defined by a common language runtime (CLR) assembly.

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I use the following SQL:

SELECT      so.name, so.[type], SCHEMA_NAME(so.schema_id) AS [Schema],
            asmbly.name, asmbly.permission_set_desc, am.assembly_class, 
FROM        sys.assembly_modules am
INNER JOIN  sys.assemblies asmbly
        ON  asmbly.assembly_id = am.assembly_id
        AND asmbly.name NOT LIKE 'Microsoft%'
INNER JOIN  sys.objects so
        ON  so.object_id = am.object_id
SELECT      at.name, 'TYPE' AS [type], SCHEMA_NAME(at.schema_id) AS [Schema], 
            asmbly.name, asmbly.permission_set_desc, at.assembly_class,
            NULL AS [assembly_method]
FROM        sys.assembly_types at
INNER JOIN  sys.assemblies asmbly
        ON  asmbly.assembly_id = at.assembly_id
        AND asmbly.name NOT LIKE 'Microsoft%'
ORDER BY    4, 2, 1

Please note:

  1. User-Defined Types (UDTs) are found in: sys.assembly_types

  2. You can only list CLR references that have been used in CREATE statements. You cannot find CLR methods that have not yet been referenced by a CREATE. Meaning, you cannot say: "give me a list of methods in this assembly that I can create SQL objects for".

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Here it a script found on sqlhint.com:

        SCHEMA_NAME(O.schema_id) AS [Schema], O.name,
        A.name AS assembly_name, AM.assembly_class, 
        sys.assembly_modules AM
        INNER JOIN sys.assemblies A ON A.assembly_id = AM.assembly_id
        INNER JOIN sys.objects O ON O.object_id = AM.object_id
        A.name, AM.assembly_class

Also, you have the option to see all the places where that CLR object is used.

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