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With the new additions to the OS and the hardware, iPhone apps can now do some serious augmented reality coolness.

What are the instant benefots to the obj c crowd? Are there any frameworks to aid in the creation of AR apps for Obj C devs and if so, can they be easily ported to MT with the btouch project?


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I currently develop some proof of concept about AR on iphone. I know some framework to do this: OpenCV: nice to do Face recognition, and features recognition in general NyARToolKit: I work currently on this ARToolKit for iPhone (from ARToolWork Cie): Professional framework, I'll hope participate to the Beta test soon.

I don't know monotouch, is it work on iPhone?

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Hey ARToolWork is eeeexpensive! Monotouch is a framework to allow developers to code using .NET on the iPhone - check it out, soooo much better than obj c :) – iwayneo Jul 7 '10 at 7:44

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