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This is how I have implemented the

<select name="doctype" id="doctype" class="textarea" onchange="fillLabel()">
        DocumentManager documentManager = new DocumentManager();
        List keyTypes  = documentManager.getAllKeyTypes();
        Iterator ite = keyTypes.iterator();
            Object[] row = (Object[]) ite.next();
        <option value="<%= row[1] %>"><%= row[0] %></option>

How do I persist the selected value when page got refreshed.


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With "page got refreshed" you mean when the user presses F5 and so on? By the way, that Java code belongs in a Java class, not a JSP file. Use taglibs/EL in JSP to display options. –  BalusC Jul 1 '10 at 11:14
yes both user press F5 and when the request got completed. –  MMRUser Jul 5 '10 at 4:38
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I think we couldn't persist selected value in a combo box.

Another solution is, when ever a change occurs in combo just store that value in database and retrieve that value next time. But it has some other limitations. I couldn't tell you more without knowing more about your necessity.

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It's can be solved in javascript using cookie (or local storage is HTML5 is an option).

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