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I really can't find a nice enum JDBC mapping example. Is enum actually supported by JDBC?

I am working with MySQL. I have an enum column, and would like to map to some Java enum.

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JDBC does not support enums.

You can convert a string to an enum though, so if you have a Java enum you can do something like

 MyEnum enumVal =  MyEnum.valueOf(rs.getString("EnumColumn"));

You'll have to keep your java enum and mysql enum in sync though. MyEnum.valueOf() can throw IllegalArgumentException if there's no mapping from the string, or NullPointerException if you get a null value from the db.

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Here is some generic solution were are using in converting JDBC values to Java enums.

param = Enum.valueOf((Class<? extends Enum>)dbField.getField().getType(), (String) param);

where param is the value of the field in the db , and the dbField is the java.reflect.util.Field , where to put the value to

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