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How to escape the % sign in C’s printf?

This has to be an easy question but I can't find the answer on my book or the web; how to print '%' in C ?


printf("A: %.2f%", pc);

...fails, the compiler complains there is an invalid conversion. Of course an easy way is;

printf("A: %.2f%c", pc, '%');

But it's rather inelegant...

I looked on the web I found no escape sequence for %, I thought \% would work but it does.

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printf("A: %.2f%%", pc);
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Great, thanks ! –  Kern Jul 1 '10 at 8:25

just double the '%' in the format string and it will print '%'

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For future printf reference, type:

man 3 printf

on any linux command prompt. It can do a LOT of crazy stuff that most people just aren't aware of.

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%% will output % using printf. Check the example at the end of page here

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