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I have a div which contains number of elements which user can drag and drop to rearrange inside. Also, he can add new elements from tool bar. I want to increase height of outer div to wrap all those elements. Now they overlap on footer. The challenges I fighting with are - 1. How to find elements which are placed below other. All the elements are have relative positions. 2. Change of height needs to be handled on drop of an element.

I need solution very urgently.


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what have u done so far?..let us see html and codes written .. –  Kai Jul 1 '10 at 10:43
The browser should handle this...why isn't it? You have to have some explicit styling in place that the outer div doesn't already stretch to it's contents, can you post that? –  Nick Craver Jul 1 '10 at 11:08

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Maybe something like this?

var height = 0;
$("div > *").each(function () {
  height += $(this).height();
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I prefer var totalHeight = 0; $("#container").children().each(function(){ totalHeight += $(this).outerHeight(); }); alert("Total Height: " + totalHeight + "px");1) I avoid naming variables that match attribute names 2) outerHeight takes padding, margins and borders into consideration –  Robert M. Jan 3 '12 at 18:19

In this case you can use the Array.prototype.reduce method to simplify the solution into a single line:

        var innerHeight = $("#parentDIV").children().reduce(function(a, b){
            return $(a).height() + $(b).height(); 

The reduce method is useful in general, and it is supported by most modern browsers. To ensure compatibility, you can easily add the method:

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