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I'm trying to convert a character code to a character with chr(), but VBScript isn't giving me the value I expect. According to VBScript, character code 199 is:


However, when using something like Javascript's String.fromCharCode, 199 is:


The second result is what I need to get out of VBScript's chr() function. Any idea what the problem is?

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Edited to reflect comments

Chr(199) returns a 2-byte character, which is being interpreted as 2 separate characters.

  • use ChrW(199) to return a Unicode string.
  • use ChrB(199) to return it as a single-byte character
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ChrB worked if I wasn't concatenating the character onto a string. ChrW appears to work with string concatenation (don't ask me why). Thanks! – David Brown Nov 24 '08 at 22:34

Encoding is the problem. Javascript may be interpreting as latin-1; VBScript may be using a different encoding and getting confused.

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The fromCharCode() takes the specified Unicode values and returns a string.

The Chr function converts the specified ANSI character code to a character.

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