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I have an after_save filter which I dont want to trigger in a specific instance. Is there a way to do this similar to save_without_validation?


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When using rails 2, you can invoke the private method create_without_callbacks by doing:

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There is a good example of extending ActiveRecord to provide callback skipping here: http://weareintegrum.com/?p=10

The idea is to create a method on ActiveRecord called skip_callback that accepts a block:

def self.skip_callback(callback, &block)
  method = instance_method(callback)
  remove_method(callback) if respond_to?(callback)
  define_method(callback){ true }
    result = yield
    define_method(callback, method)

Then anything you do within the block does not execute the callback.

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the link is broken –  marcgg Dec 15 '10 at 14:18
updated link, added the main method to my answer. –  Michael Sepcot Dec 16 '10 at 3:47

You can set and reset callbacks like this:

  Post.after_update.reject! {|callback| callback.method.to_s == 'fancy_callback_on_update' }
  Post.after_create.reject! {|callback| callback.method.to_s == 'fancy_callback_on_create' }

  Post.after_create :fancy_callback_on_create
  Post.after_update :fancy_callback_on_update

You can add these around your custom save method.

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For Rails 2, you can also use the following methods:

create_without_callbacks or update_without_callbacks

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