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I am using Qt 4.5 and having Qt Creator as the IDE. I am quite comfortable with it. I know we can open the .pro files (from the Qt Creator) in the Visual Studio IDE. But how about the reverse? i.e How can I open a visual studio Qt solution (.sln) in Qt Creator? Is it possible or I have to create a pro file again for the project?

There are other Qt projects which are created by others in Visual Studio IDE. So if I am supposed to use those, can I migrate those Visual Studio solutions to a Qt Creator compatible way so that I can continue to use Qt Creator? I am using Windows XP. Any pointers regarding this are welcome.

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You can install Visual Studio Add-in of Qt, then in Visual Studio, Qt menu will appear.There is an export option to create .pro files.

Edit: Detailed Information

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I searched for the Export option you mentioned. But I couldn't find an export option to convert Visual Studio Solution (sln) to pro files.. Could you be more specific about where I can find the export option? I have the Visual Studio Add-in added already.. –  liaK Jul 1 '10 at 12:30
Can you see Qt on the Menu? There is a "Create basic .pro file" option. Also look at here doc.qt.nokia.com/vs-integration-1.4/… –  metdos Jul 1 '10 at 13:49

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