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I am trying to display the options menu when a list item is checked in my app. I am doing this by broadcasting an intent when the checkbox is clicked via a listener and a helper class that extends Activity. My code for the helper class is:

public class menuHelper extends Activity{

    private void showMenu(int checked){

            Intent intent = new Intent(SHOW_MENU);
            intent.putExtra("check", checked);
        catch(Exception e){

The problem is when the sendBroadcast method is invoked. An exception is thrown and the stack trace states that it is a NullPointerException at sendBroadcast(intent). As far as I can tell, the intent is not null, but I am missing something here because the exception is thrown.

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Hi there, I've got the same issue. Can you be more detailed about your solution. Do you mean, the error doesn't occurs if the caller of the function is the activity class? –  cevel Mar 29 '11 at 6:21
No. The SendBroadcast method can only be called from a class that extends Activity. I was attempting to call it from an Adapter extension class. So, I call back to the Activity using the adapter and execute it from there. –  Android Addict Apr 5 '11 at 21:41

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It appears that calling the sendBroadcast() method from within an adapter (regardless of using a subclass extending Activity to do so) is simply illegal.

To implement my desired functionality I found that if you inject the calling activity into the adapter class and call a method from the activity to display (or hide) the options menu this null pointer error does not occur and the menu displays or not beautifully.

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