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how do i get the equivalent of sql "or" in nhibernate

I have the following method. Basically i wish to see if the keyword is found in product.Name or Product.Description.

   public ICollection<ProductCategory> FindByCompanyIdAndSearchAndPop(int companyId, string keyword)
        var products = _session
            .CreateAlias("Product", "product", JoinType.InnerJoin)
            .Add(Restrictions.Eq("CompanyId", companyId))
            .Add(Restrictions.Eq("product.IsPopItem", true))
            .Add(Restrictions.Like("product.Name", keyword, MatchMode.Anywhere))
            .Add(Restrictions.Like("product.Description", keyword, MatchMode.Anywhere))
        return products;
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you want SQL equivalent of this code? –  afsharm Jul 1 '10 at 13:55
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The || operator is overloaded for Restriction, so you can write:

    Restrictions.Like("product.Name", keyword, MatchMode.Anywhere) ||
    Restrictions.Like("product.Description", keyword, MatchMode.Anywhere)))
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I believe you can use Expression.Or(restriction1,restriction2) like this:

.Add(Expression.Or(Restrictions.Like("product.Name", keyword, 
   MatchMode.Anywhere),Restrictions.Like("product.Description", keyword, 

If I remember correctly you can also nest the Expression.Or's

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