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I have gone through the N2 CMS documentation at length and can see no obvious set of steps to accomplish this.

The task is to create a new Web Forms CMS app based on N2. Basically to take the Stripes theme and customize it.

I originally downloaded the full source code and got it working on my development machine with SQL Server. After this I made various attempts at copying the files necessary to run the application into the new Web Forms folder in wwwroot. I got a lot of the same runtime errors that I see others getting, relating to missing DLLs, browser control adapters, and the like.

My current approach, per the "howto_install.txt", is to use the Publish function to move the required files to my wwwroot folder. This is really not desirable if I want to work on CMS sites for three different clients - think about it. Either way, when I bring up the new site in the wwwroot folder now, the home page link on the home page, all image links, and all admin links are now broken (this happened after moving site to IIS7). The install document mentions copying the "N2 management files" to the new folder - can anyone explain what is meant by this?

Can anyone assist in outlining the basic steps in getting a new Web Forms N2 site working with full functionality in the wwwroot folder?

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I finally got this to work by using the Web Platform Installer to install the Web Deployment Tool on my machine. Then I downloaded the Web Form Templates version of N2 CMS from CodePlex and used the Import Package link in IIS7 to pull in the downloaded zip file.

I outlined the steps here - thanks to Cristian Libardo for his help with this:


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