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I have a solution with one asp.net-mvc-2 project, one web service, one class library and three normal desktop apps. Currently I need to copy all app.config settings from one project to the other. That is a nightmare if I want to change something.

I know there is a solution to store all these information in the global .config files, but I am looking for a solution to store the values dedicated to my solution not to my machine. Is that possible?

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See this post. Might point you in the right direction


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Assuming you could have a path where both your website and webservice could access it, then you could potentially use the appsettings " file " attribute to have the settings stored in one common place. Refer http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/appsettings_fileattribute.aspx Hope this helps!

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You can add a single .config file to one of your projects, and then choose Add -> Existing Item... -> Add As Link to add a reference to that file to your other projects. They will all build with the file as if it was their own copy, but there will really only be one copy, and you will only have to make changes in a single place.

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This solution doesn't work with .config files. –  BornToCode Nov 30 at 7:53

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