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I'm building an app for the company I work for in symfony, non the less the app might be pretty useful outside our company so we decided to write it in a more general form so we can make it multi company. I'm facing a problem on how to define a default value for a field that is going to be in every single model (company_id) so we don't need to select which company we belong to every time we want to add data. can anyone help me? I've tried

class TestForm extends BaseTestForm

    function configure()
        $this->setDefault('company_id', '1');

and when I submit the form I get a missing value for model ....

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Are you submitting the field company_id in the data you're binding to the form by mistake? – richsage Jul 1 '10 at 15:16

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I did it, in the action of course, before the processForm and after the $this->form = new TestForm();

I used:

public function executeCreate(sfWebRequest $request) {



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