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I'm creating a contentEditable div within a table cell to capture user input. The problem is, when I align the text to the right IE8 does not show a text input caret. Every other browser I've tried works. It works if I don't use "text-align: right". It also works if the caret is anywhere other than the far right of the div. Here's some sample code:

    <table width=400 border=1>
          <div contentEditable=true style='outline: none; text-align: right;'>

What am I doing wrong? If nothing, how can I get around this?

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Right padding fixed the problem.

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I want to extend the scope of the question: the same error occures with any input field: 'text-align: right' in IE8 doesn't show cursor. +1 for Sparafusile's answer: 'padding-right: 1px;' fixes the glitch but appearance still differs from other browsers by 1px. –  Martin M Aug 31 '12 at 10:56

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