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If a ul has more than one li-element inside of it, something should happen, otherwise not!

What am I doing wrong?

if ( $('#menu ul').length > 1 ) {
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You have to count the li elements not the ul elements:

if ( $('#menu ul li').length > 1 ) {

If you need every UL element containing at least two LI elements, use the filter function:

$('#menu ul').filter(function(){ return $(this).children("li").length > 1 })

You can also use that in your condition:

if ( $('#menu ul').filter(function(){ return $(this).children("li").length > 1 }).length) {
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The correct syntax is

$('ul#menu li').length
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Welcome to Stackoverflow! When you have enough rep, a short reply like this would be better made as a comment. – andy256 Oct 25 '13 at 2:48
alert( "Size: " + $( "li" ).size() );

alert( "Size: " + $( "li" ).length );

Both .size() and .length return number of item. but size() method is deprecated (JQ 1.8). .length property can use for instead of size().

also you can use

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alert( "Size: " + $("li").size() ); 


alert( "Size: " + $("li").length );

You can find some examples of the .size() method here.

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Just for further reference... The .size() method is deprecated as of jQuery 1.8. Use the .length property instead. deprecated-1.8 – gmo Jun 24 '13 at 15:55

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