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Hey, I need to send a byte array from javascript into a c# page method. The int and string variables work fine, but when I step through the c# code, the "object" which was the byte array is null, even though I checked to see if it had a value in JS.

     var byteArrayObj = GetBinaryDataFromFile(filePath);

     var tranAttachmentName = filePath.replace(/^.*\\/, '');
     PageMethods.AddFileToTran(tranId, tranAttachmentName, byteArrayObj, RefreshPage, onTimeout, onError);

     function GetBinaryDataFromFile(strFileName)
         var streamObj = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Stream");
         streamObj.Type = 1;
         var ByteArray = streamObj.Read();


c# code :

    public bool AddFileToTran(int tranId, string tranAttachmentName, object byteArrayObj)
        DBConnector dbConnectorObj = new DBConnector("cnnDataTracking");
        { ........

The object byteArrayObj comes in null.

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As a debugging aid, I suggest that you also use a protocol peeker to ensure that the args are right as they come into your server. You can use Fiddler if the client is a PC. – Larry K Jul 1 '10 at 15:15
Is your byte array in js an actual array type? Have you tried making the byteArrayObj in your page method a byte[] instead of a System.Object? – Samuel Meacham Jul 1 '10 at 22:48
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It turns out using the postback was the way to go on this. It didn't need to be asynchronous anyway. Thanks for the comments.

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