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I bind to a ItemsControl in my codebehind:

ColumnVisibilityItems.DataContext = gc.ColumnVisibility;

where ColumnVisibility is a ObservableCollection, also tried it with dictionary..

my markup

                <ItemsControl x:Name="ColumnVisibilityItems">
                    <Label Content="{Binding Path=Name}" />

while stepping through, i see the collection bound having 11 items. but ItemsControl renders only the first item in collection.

Is ItemsSource property necessary to be set for this to work? because whenever i try to set that in code behind, i get the exception saying items cannot be modified because they exist already.

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basically you need to specify your Template. See the msdn docs for a fuller example

<ItemsControl x:Name="ColumnVisibilityItems" ItemsSource="{Binding}>
            <Label Content="{Binding Path=Name}" />
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i thought so, and actually tried messing with ItemTemplate, but it didn't seem to make a big difference. For example this code, produces one empty item... am i setting the binding incorrectly in codebehind? –  Sonic Soul Jul 1 '10 at 15:23
i've updated my example to show how you would set ItemsSource, which is probably what you need –  kenwarner Jul 1 '10 at 15:29
yep, that was it, thanks! –  Sonic Soul Jul 1 '10 at 15:31

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