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Watir::Browser.default = "firefox"
  ie = Watir::Browser.start("")

  ie.select_list(:id, 'make_1').set('Chevrolet')
  ie.select_list(:id, 'model_1').set('Cobalt')
  ie.select_list(:id, 'pricehighnew').set('No Max')
  ie.select_list(:id, 'rdnew').set('30 miles')
  ie.text_field(:name, "zc").set "44109"

  ie.form(:method, "GET").submit   #Here is the problem...


Can anyone help me initiate button click action searching for "New Cars" form on the top left. Seems like they are using JavaScript as well. I appreciate any help.

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Isn't it funny that variable name that points to Firefox is ie? :) – Željko Filipin Jul 2 '10 at 9:23

There's probably a way to do it with JavaScript, but taking just a minute I was able to click the button two different ways:

ie.span(:text=>"Search New").click>"javascript:checkZipFirst(document.newForm, quickSubmitNew, document.newForm.zc.value);").click

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Also any of these would work:

browser.a(:class => "button primary zc-submit").click

or => "submit").click


browser.a(:id => "submit", :index => n).click 

where n is the index number

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