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Because Jquery UI tab doesn't support passing id selector to remove() tab method, and no method exists to map id to index, I have to painfully "jump hoops" to determine the index of the tab I wish to remove.

I just searched the documentation for JQuery and wasn't able to find a utility method to return an integer of the ordinal position of some child under a parent. I think I want the functional opposite of the


traversing method (determine index, not select by index).

Does something like this exist?:


This would return 0 if "some-child" is the first child, 1 for the second child, etc.

Or how do I go about obtaining this without writing a loop and counting?

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See index

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On the main documenation page I searched each of the categories under "jQuery API Reference" three times and it's not listed! Thanks for pointing that out to me. –  Pete Alvin Jul 1 '10 at 16:02

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