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I would like to get started on a simple project using the Kohana 3 framework (looks very promising), but the docs are a bit lacking in my opinion and would like some direction to get my feet wet and get me started. So I have a simple use-case question one that most every application needs.

How would you present a login form with a username and password, capture this, process it and return either fail or success? And how does it keep a user session (object?) persistent? I am new to Kohana with a Drupal background.

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Well, there's an Auth module that you can take a look at to see how it works.

You're right about the docs for Kohana 3 being a bit lacking, but I think the developers expect people picking it up to be a bit more experienced and willing to look under the hood.

A few useful resources I've found for learning more about Kohana 3 are the following:

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Thanks for those resources I'll check them out and take them apart. – Kevin Jul 2 '10 at 12:59

Take a look at this tutorial. It is on using Kohana_Auth to authenticate users.

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