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I have a program that references a strongly named assembly which is in the gac. I have a debug build of this assembly which I want to debug into, but it isn't strongly named. Can I use a policy file or something to force the program to use the weakly named assembly? Or do I have to recompile the program to reference the weakly named assembly? (These assembles are purchased from a 3rd-party. I have the source to them but I don't have the company's private key to strongly name my own build of them with the same key.)

Thanks, Phil

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Just changing the [AssemblyVersion] of the debug version would be the quick fix. Running gacutil.exe to temporarily remove the assembly from the GAC would be another.

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You should add the assemblies to the Verification skip list by running sn -Vr in the Visual Studio Command Prompt.

This will tell the runtime not to verify the assemblies' signatures.
For security reasons, you should remove them when you finish.

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No, it isn't being verified anyway in full trust. The issue is to not let the CLR find the assembly, the GAC is always searched first. –  Hans Passant Jul 1 '10 at 16:27

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