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See title. Is there already a simple key combination that does this that I can't find in the manual? Is there a command I can put in KeyBindings.dict to do this?

I was hoping moveToBeginningOfParagraph: would do it but that appears to just go to the beginning of the current line.

Help appreciated.

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Don't know if it's built in, or if you can do it via an Emacs shortcut, but you can do it.

Record the following:

Open the Find dialog box. Click Regular expression, and find the following:


Save this macro.

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more or less, yeah. I wanted to use it to simulate emacs M-{ and M-} so for my purposes I used ^\s*$. But thanks for the tip...textmate macros are sweet. – Neil Sarkar Jul 1 '10 at 20:23

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