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First time on the forum. Hopefully someone can ease the pain I'm having integration jQuery and AJAX. Before I explain the problem it's probably worth explaining what I'm trying to do as there might be a better solution.

I have a page on a test site that will move over to a CMS driven site in a few weeks:

I want do display the data for each of the various categories:

* Cut
* Colour
* Foils
* Perm
* Party/Occasions

on the same page but pull them in from separate files (just to keep things tidy and make it easier when I move over to the CMS). With that in mind I through I'd try using AJAX (which I'd not used before so read up on it at W3Scools).

When the respective .php file is pulled onto the page with AJAX, I then wanted to use the jQuery accordian function to close each of the price fields until the user clicks on them.

I've managed to get the accordion function to work when the .php file is being pulled in using ?php include as shown here: prices1.php (I can't put the full URL in as I'm a new stackOverflow user) I've also managed to get AJAX to pull the .php file in on click as shown on the original page

When I do pull it in dynmaically it breaks the jQuery accordion function.

I've read that jQuery can break when being pulled in with AJAX but the solutions I've read are a bit beyond my level of understanding. I'm hoping someone might be able to clear things up a little.



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You're doing your AJAX with jQuery, right? That's one if its most useful aspects. Post the code that you've got or else nobody will have any idea what might be causing your problem. – Pointy Jul 1 '10 at 17:47
Also: if you do something like fill in your StackOverflow user profile, you'll get a small pile of reputation points immediately. It'll make getting started on the site a lot easier. – Pointy Jul 1 '10 at 17:48

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