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I need to migrate the DTS (SQL 2000) package into SQL 2008 SSIS. The DTS package is using HTML file data source and a Transformation task to import the HTML table into the SQL table. I didn't find the HTML data source in the Connection Manager in the SSIS designer. Does this functionality exist in the SSIS ?

Thank you.

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If it is well formed you could try and run it through as xml source; but I suspect that you may run into issues when it wants a schema.

Another option is to create a custom data source script component to read the file. this would require a little bit of C# knowledge

Good luck

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Thank you. I reconfigured the program (PowerMTA) to generate the file in the XML instead of HTML format, and I am using XML data source. – leon01 Jul 10 '10 at 4:11

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