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Suppose I wish to get the absolute path of a batch script from within the batch script itself, but without a trailing backslash. Normally, I do it this way:

SET BuildDir=%~dp0
SET BuildDir=%BuildDir:~0,-1%

The first statement gets the path with the trailing backslash and the second line removes the last character, i.e. the backslash. Is there a way to combine these two statements into a single line of code?

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Instead of removing the trailing backslash, adding a trailing dot is semantically equivalent for many software.

C:\Windows is equivalent to C:\Windows\.

echo %dp0

echo %dp0.

For example, robocopy accepts only directories without trailing spaces.

This errors out:

robocopy "C:\myDir" %~dp0 

This is successful:

robocopy "C:\myDir" %~dp0.
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MUCH better than removing the trailing backslash, and it works too. Thanks for that. – Nolonar Aug 24 at 10:00

Only with delayed expansion when you write both statements into the same line:

set BuildDir=%~dp0&&set BuildDir=!BuildDir:~0,-1!

But that kinda defies the purpose.

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I'd like to point out that it is not safe to use the substring tricks on variables that contain file system paths, there are just too many symbols like !,^,% that are valid folder/file names and there is no way to properly escape them all

FOR /D seems to strip the trailing backslash, so here is a version that uses for:

setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion&set _CD=%CD%&cd /D "%~dp0"&(FOR /D %%a IN ("!CD!") DO ((cd /D !_CD!)&endlocal&set "BuildDir=%%~a"))

This requires Win2000 and will probably fail if the batch file is on a UNC path

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Do you have any examples of where substring operations fail on paths? – M. Dudley Apr 26 '11 at 18:45
@emddudley: I don't know a substring example off the top of my head, but when dealing with variables you have to remember that "foo!OS!bar%PROMPT%baz" is a valid filename ;) – Anders Apr 26 '11 at 20:06

Example script "c:\Temp\test.cmd":

@set BuildDir=%~dp0.
@echo Build directory: "%BuildDir%"

Run in console:

d:\> cmd /C c:\Temp\test.cmd
Build directory: "c:\Temp\."
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