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I have a basic Rails model with two properties, name and code. I have validates_uniqueness_of for the code property. However, I'd like to customize the :message to show the name of the duplicate. Is there any way to access this duplicate item?

For example, say I first enter a record called Expired with code EXP. Then I enter Experience with code EXP. I would like the :message to say something like "Code already taken by Expired".

> m1 = Model.new(:name => 'Expired', :code => 'EXP')
> m2 = Model.new(:name => 'Experience', :code => 'EXP')
> m1.save!
> m2.save!

validates_uniqueness_of :code,
  :message => "Code already taken by #{duplicate.name}"

Is there any built-in Rails construct that holds the duplicate object so that I can access it like I do in the :message? Or is there any other way I can run code to determine the duplicate when this validation gets triggered?

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I believe you'd have to write a custom validation method. Something like:

def validate
   model = Model.first(:conditions => {:code => self.code})
   unless model.blank? && (self.id != model.id)
     errors.add_to_base "Code already taken by #{model.name}"
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Great! Works like a charm! Don't know why I've never known about this over why I couldn't find anything about it. Thanks a lot! –  istrasci Jul 1 '10 at 20:23
You're welcome :] –  j.. Jul 1 '10 at 20:31
Thought I'd add that we need to add logic to make sure self.id is not the same as model.id. Otherwise we'll never be able to update an existing item (unless that's the behaviour you want). –  istrasci Jul 26 '10 at 17:31

As per @j but as a validation callback and target the message specifically to the failing attribute

validate do |model|
   duplicate = Model.first(:conditions => {:code => model.code})
   if duplicate
     model.errors.add :code, "already taken"
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