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I am playing around with CodePress for a small project, and I am trying to figure out how it generates the actual numbers for the line number display.

I have looked all through the code, and I see nothing where 1, 2, 3, ..., n is outputted. However, when viewing the page info in Firefox, I see this: alt text

Now, when I actually go to that URL in Firefox (here is the image from a CodePress example site: http://bobdawg.org/codepress/images/linenumbers.png) I just see a line with no numbers, like this:

alt text

So how in the world are the numbers being generated? Clearly they're somehow embedded in the PNG, but how?

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What a hackish way to do that – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Jul 1 '10 at 18:19
I readily agree. You can't even change the styling for the numbers. I would rather do it with two side-be-side divs. I may just modify CodePress and submit a patch. – Chad Johnson Jul 1 '10 at 18:35
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The image dimensions are 26x24010. What you see in Firefox is a zoomed out version of the image. If you click on it to view it at full size it will look the same as the preview.

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OH GOD I AM DUMB! LOL. Wow. – Chad Johnson Jul 1 '10 at 18:31

You need to zoom in.

Save to desktop and open with Paint.

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