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I'm developing a wiki (based off of MediaWiki and Semantic Mediawiki+), and I'm having some trouble with tables - after making one, I'd like to be able to add another column or row in a WYSIWYG editor, as not all of the users know MediaWiki markup.

Currently, I can't change the # of rows/columns after creating a table through my WYSIWYG editor - is there a fix or another editor to do this?

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I'm sure you can wire up TinyMCE as an editor. This supports table and block manipulation (along with a host of other options). There's even a page on meta.wikimedia.org about it.

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using mediawiki 1.23, it doesnt work – bischoffingston Apr 15 '15 at 20:32
Looking at making a TinyMCE Plugin to parse wiki text. Did you ever find more on this topic? – Twisty Apr 14 at 1:23

We use the official FCK editor which works really well for tables. The only problem is if you then switch back to the default editor - you can get a lot of unexpected / not wanted formatting which makes it quite hard to read. But you can always go back (again) to FCK editing.

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