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I'm defining a a type to represent a board of my game:

type Position = (int * Piece) list 

But when I create a list like this:

let board1 = [(1,Piece.BLACK);(2,Piece.WHITE);(3,Piece.BLACK);(4,Piece.WHITE);

I create a list of (int * Piece) list, not a Position.

How can I change this? Which is the correct way?


val board1 : (int * Piece) list = 
[(1, BLACK); (2, WHITE); (3, BLACK); (4, WHITE); 
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See my answer here. cs.hubfs.net/forums/thread/16066.aspx –  Brian Jul 1 '10 at 19:23

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You need to tell it if you wish it to use your Position type, otherwise it doesn't know that you want (you could easily create 5 types that are all just (int * Piece) lists, it wouldn't know which to choose.

You can force the type by adding : Position to the decleration like this:

type Piece = BLACK | WHITE
type Position = (int * Piece) list
let board1 : Position = [(1, BLACK); (2, WHITE); (3, BLACK); (4, WHITE); ]
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