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For example,


should return


This is also known as percent-encoding.

Also, for better readability, spaces should encode to pluses. I believe that's always acceptable for URL escaping.

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Favorited. This is something I want to do once every six months or so, and I always end up re-rolling something to sort of get the job done. –  Pillsy Jul 2 '10 at 14:14

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Another method, using J/Link and java.net.URLEncoder:

In[116]:= Needs["JLink`"]; InstallJava[];

In[118]:= URLEncoder`encode["foo.cgi?abc=123"]
Out[118]= "foo.cgi%3Fabc%3D123"

There's also java.net.URLDecoder for decoding.

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Both answers are worthy of upvotes, but if it were my question I'd accept this one, because there's a lot of useful stuff you can get via JLink that I always plain forget about. –  Pillsy Jul 2 '10 at 14:15

Here's my solution:

cat = StringJoin@@(ToString/@{##})&;         (* Like sprintf/strout in C/C++. *)
re = RegularExpression;

hex = IntegerString[#,16]&;        (* integer to hex, represented as a string *)
up = ToUpperCase;
asc = ToCharacterCode[#][[1]]&;                    (* character to ascii code *)
subst = StringReplace;

urlesc[s_String] := subst[s, {" "->"+", re@"[^\w\_\:\.]":>"%"<>up@hex@asc@"$0"}]
urlesc[x_] := urlesc@cat@x
unesc[s_String] := subst[s, re@"\\%(..)":>FromCharacterCode@FromDigits["$1",16]]

As a bonus, here's a function to encode a list of rules like {a->2, b->3} into GET parameters like a=2&b=3, with appropriate URL-encoding:

encode[c_] := cat @@ Riffle[cat[#1, "=", urlesc[#2]]& @@@ c, "&"]
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