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I am using this, but I have some hard to solve problems.

This is part of my code:

 <rewrite url="/Dictionary/(.+)/(.+)" to="~/Dictionary.aspx?page=$2&amp;&amp;word=$1"/>
 <rewrite url="/Dictionary" to="~/Dictionary.aspx"/>    

When I type links like mywebsite.com/Dictionary/cat/4 the site loads only mywebsite.com/Dictionary.

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Just a guess. Your second condition matches everything starting with /Dictionary. You probably want this

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Just a suggestion but you can also try out IIS Url Rewrite 2 instead.

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URL Rewrite 2 is a good option like XII said, comes with an user interface.

Regarding the regex, it would be more efficient for the regex engine to avoid backtracking; use the following expression instead:


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