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My fitnesse tests fail with linq datacontext. I already tried adding a suite.config and then app config to my c:\fitnesse folder - where the .jar file is.

I added -c option c:\Fitnesse\suite.config to the command section on the test page. Here's the suite.config file: c:\fitnesse\myapp.config ^.svn$

Here's the myapp.config file:

The test still fails here:

public MyDataContext() : 

Any ideas? Thanks.

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You could call other constructors, perhaps find a constructor that doesn't hit the config? Or... it's a partial class so you can add a constructor that doesn't hit the config if you don't already have one you like.

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Use the -a option:

There's a bug in the suite config code for app config files - will be fixed in the next release.

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