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I've got a table with blob text fields. This blob has a lot of html in it. One of the pieces of html is an h2. I would like to find all instances of a word in the h2 tag, and replace it with another word (while leaving other words the same).

For example, I would like to replace the h2 "wiggles" with "bumbles" in the following:


<h2>This is some wiggles html!</h2>
<p>And here is some more wiggles html that could be ignored</p>
<h2>And this is a decoy h2</h2>


<h2>This is some bumbles html!</h2>
<p>And here is some more wiggles html that could be ignored</p>
<h2>And this is a decoy h2</h2>

A pitfall I'm concerned about is the regex not stopping at the end of the first h2, and rather continuing through to the last closing of it.

I have access to shell and phpmyadmin.

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Is it wrong to want to +1 just for bumbles and wiggles? –  delete me Jul 1 '10 at 20:25
Haha, I won't complain :). Gotta keep things fun ;) –  Matrym Jul 1 '10 at 20:33

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Replacing text in MySQL with Regular Expressions

You can add a library to MySQL to gain this feature.

Allows: Regular expression search & replace using PCRE.


SELECT PREG_REPLACE('/(.*?)(fox)/' , 'dog' , 'the quick brown fox' );


the quick brown 

Matching HTML with Regular Expressions

Parsing HTML with regexp is not easy and has a lot of pitfalls. However, your example is simple enough that you should be able to do what your looking to do.

I think this will be helpful:

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There is no regexp replace feature in mySQL proper: The regex functions are match only.

There seems to be a user defined function that adds the functionality somehow, but it requires re-compiling mySQL and is probably not an option.

I'd recommend doing this using a programming/scripting language like PHP, using its built-in regex replace functions to change the content, and update the records.

Edit: overlooked the php tag.

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Yeah, Oracle & PostgreSQL are the only db's I know with native regex replace functionality. SQL Server 2005+, you have to build it yourself via CLR functions... –  OMG Ponies Jul 1 '10 at 21:11

Html is not a regular language therefore trying to parse it with regex is not the best option. In my opinion i would want to leverage a html parser to do this job. Here is a sample parser.


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