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Suppose I have a class like so:

public class StaticDude{
    public static Object getGroove() {
        // ... some complex logic which returns an object

How do I mock the static method call using easy mock? StaticDude.getGroove().

I am using easy mock 3.0

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Not sure how to with pure EasyMock, but consider using the PowerMock extensions to EasyMock.

It has a lot of cool functions for doing just what you need -

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Easymock is a testing framework for "for interfaces (and objects through the class extension)" so you can mock a class without an interface. Consider creating an interfaced object with an accessor for your static class and then mock that acessor instead.

EDIT: Btw, I wouldn't recommend doing static classes. It is better to have everything interfaced if you are doing TDD.

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I have taken y our advise on board. Thanks. – JavaRocky Jul 7 '10 at 22:25

Just in Case PowerMock is unavailable for any reason:

You could move the static call to a method, override this method in the instantiation of the tested class in the test class, create a local interface in the test class and use its method in the overidden method:

private interface IMocker 
    boolean doSomething();

IMocker imocker = EasyMock.createMock(IMocker.class);


void doSomething()


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Generally speaking, it is not possible to mock a static method without using some sort of accessor, which seems to defeat the purpose of using a static method. It can be quite frustrating.

There is one tool that I know of called "TypeMock Isolator" which uses some sort of Satanic Magic to mock static methods, but that tool is quite expensive.

The problem is, I know of no way to override a static method. You can't declare it virtual. you can't include it in an interface.

Sorry to be a negative nelly.

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Thanks. I'll look it up. – JavaRocky Jul 7 '10 at 22:25

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