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I had the idea to start investigating in creating and using media components in Java but I didn't find any convincing framework. The two that I found were

  • Java Media Framework (JMF) : it seems so powerful, not so fast but the last update was in 2003.
  • Java Media Components (JMC) : from what I found, it's easier to use than JMF but it's more limited too.

So I just wanted to know wich of these frameworks should I choose ? Are there any other options ? And can they be used from a Scala-Swing application ?


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As I understand, you can use any Java framework from Scala. – Gunslinger47 Jul 2 '10 at 3:07

In my experience all existing media frameworks for Java suck big time. What looks very promising in this area is JavaFX. And it integrates with Swing pretty well. I have no doubt that it will work with Scala too (even though I haven't tried).

My suggestion would be to investigate JavaFX for any media related work for any JVM based languages.

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