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How can you create a compiler warning (in the model of #error, except as a warning) on purpose in Visual C++ that will show up on the Error List with the correct file and line number?

GCC and other compilers offer #warning, but the MSVC compiler does not.

The "solution" at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/155196 does not parse in the Visual Studio error list.

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It's an S.O. sort of question. I also would like to know what others would do better. –  Thomas Jul 2 '10 at 3:07
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Just add this to your common include file (ex, stdafx.h):

#define __STR2__(x) #x
#define __STR1__(x) __STR2__(x)
#define __LOC__ __FILE__ "("__STR1__(__LINE__)") : warning W0000: #pragma VSWARNING: "
#define VSWARNING(x)  message(__LOC__ x)

Use this like:

#pragma VSWARNING("Is this correct?!?!")

The compiler will output:

c:\dir\file.h(11) : warning W0000: #pragma VSWARNING: Is this correct?!?!

And the Error List tab will show the warning nicely in the table:

Type       Num   Description                                             File    Line
[Warning]  13    warning W0000: #pragma VSWARNING: Is this correct?!?!   file.h  11

exactly like a normal Visual Studio compiler warning.

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I use a similar implementation to this (I posted it in response to another question). I didn't realize that Visual C++ would macro replace the text of a pragma directive; that's very cool. –  James McNellis Jul 2 '10 at 3:08
On a related note, you can also use "error" instead of "warning" in the output text; this causes compilation to fail (like #error does), but allows compilation to continue to the end of the translation unit (which is extraordinarily useful in some scenarios). –  James McNellis Jul 2 '10 at 3:13

This is kind of a silly answer to your question, but often, if I need to add an intentional warning, I will type something like:

#pragma asdfkljasdlfjasklfjklasjdfklj

which issues a Unknown Pragma warning with line number and all.

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That doesn't print the actual message in the compiler output and Error List, though. Only "unknown pragma" appears. –  Thomas Jul 2 '10 at 4:21

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