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i am trying to use my workspace C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs, as i need to in order to use my Zend Server, but i get the error "workspace in use"

i have:

  • deleted all other copies of eclipse that i used
  • looked for a .metadata folder but not found one in my current eclipse folder (brand new eclipse PDT with Zend)

any idea as to what the problem can be? and how to fix it :D


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Check your workspace directory for :

  • .metadata and delete it (can be hidden in your explorer)
  • .version.ini , open it an delete all entrys
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I think deleting .metadata will cause you to lose your tracked projects. Im not positive though ( don't really want to test it haha). However if you go in that folder (WORKSPACE/.metadata/) and delete the .lock file it should allow you to open the workspace. Hope this helps!

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This should be marked as the correct question. There is no need to delete the entire .metadata folder – simonfi Dec 3 '14 at 12:56

Just offering two other solutions for anyone who faces the workspace issue and ends up on this page. This is one solution and the other solution is if you were working on eclipse by connecting to a server via ssh. In this case, the ssh might time out and your eclipse process would still be active on the server. Solution is: Type ps -aef | grep eclip Find the process number of eclipse and type kill -9 process number

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