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I wanted to display a number to 2 decimal places.

I thought I could use toPrecision(2) in JavaScript .

However, if the number is 0.05, I get 0.0500. I'd rather it stay the same.

See it on JSbin.

What is the best way to do this?

I can think of coding a few solutions, but I'd imagine (I hope) something like this is built in?

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Note:toFixed() will round or pad with zeros if necessary to meet the specified length.

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But it returns string, not float! – Anwar Jun 7 at 9:58

You could do it with the toFixed function, but it's buggy in IE. If you want a reliable solution, look at my answer here.

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Technology should be developed rather than adapt to IE... (btw. in node js float_num.toFixed(2); works fine) – fider Aug 21 '13 at 11:15

Try toFixed instead of toPrecision.

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Don't know how I got to this question, but even if it's many years since this has been asked, I would like to add a quick and simple method I follow and has never let me down:

var num = responce_from_a_function_or_something();
var fixed_num = parseFloat(num).toFixed( 2 );
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Why parseFloat() there? It should only be used if the number is coming from a string. – alex Jan 13 at 11:00
In some occasions when I get some "data-" attribute value with jquery from an element, if I use only toFixed it produces an error. parseFloat fixes it. – panos Jan 13 at 11:36
Yeah that's what I meant above if it came from a string. But using it always is bad advice. – alex Jan 13 at 13:23

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