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I have a site/backoffice solution that works with this structure:

/bo         // mercurial repo
/site       // site files
/www/admin  // mercurial repo
/var        // site specific vars

The backoffice works seamless across several sites and therefore all projects have a mercurial repo and code contributions done to project A always get replicated on projects B and C. This has worked well so far but now I feel I should also be doing a repo to the root /.

Is it possible? Can I have a repo on / excluding both the /bo and the /www/admin and have it all work nicely together or should I anticipate problems?

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You could setup a repo at the root, and:

  • declare /site and /var as SubRepos,
  • while ignoring /bo and /www/admin

That way, all your current repos still go on unchanged, but you also have one global repo with only what you need.

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I've done some testing and your solution seams to work pretty well for my needs. Thank you very much for your input! –  Frankie Jul 2 '10 at 19:10

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