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Are there any simple starter tutorials for using AJAX in Asp.Net applications on the internet? Thanks.

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Here's a reasonable very simple example.

In this tutorial you will build an application that displays pages of employee data from the AdventureWorks sample database. The application uses the UpdatePanel control to refresh only the part of the page that has changed, without the page flash that occurs with a postback. This is referred to as a partial-page update. The sample application also uses the UpdateProgress control to display a status message while the partial-page update is processing.

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This site helped me while I interned doing asp .net with vb. The tutorials were pretty good and they do have some AJAX articles. Good luck.

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There's a lot of really good video examples of the AJAX Control Toolkit for ASP.NET here.

I'd also recommend this book.

It was the first AJAX book I went through and it covers beginner to advanced using the MS AJAX framework.

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