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I am trying to implement the photologue django photo gallery here:


I dont understand this part:

You need to have the current user’s info outside requests, have a look at CookBookThreadlocalsAndUser and add the middleware in your “MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES” settings.

Here the Link to CookBookThreadlocalsandUser:


What Middleware do I have to install? What exactly is Threadlocals? Is it possible to install this without fully understanding Threadlocals:


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That blog entry is nearly three years old. Django has moved on considerably since then, and threadlocals - which was never anything more than a hack - is now officially warned against.

That's not the only thing that is out of date in that tutorial - all the references to admin are also now completely wrong.

However, that tutorial does not seem to have anything to do with photologue - it's a description of how to build your own custom gallery. Why don't you look at the actual Photologue documentation which appears to be very comprehensive?

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Thanks for the answer! I have been to the official documentation. What I am looking for is an example code/project to understand the basics. –  MacPython Jul 2 '10 at 9:34

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