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what is the easiest method to convert a PDF into a TBitmap image in delphi? if there are any commercial available tools for delphi, I can buy one if it is reliable and or not expensive...

I am thinking of some kind of viewer which I can browse pages.. zoom... and export in the desired resolution..

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I have had good results with QuickPDF. It's relatively inexpensive and there is a trial version available.

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ok, any more suggestions, before I close this :) is it possible to use Adobe's own ActiveX component for something like this also ? i am thinking about more or less grabbing a 1:1 proportionally close to the resolution 1016x648 300 DPI.. –  Plastkort Jul 6 '10 at 7:34
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You could try using the ghostscript api from delphi (see http://ftp.uasw.edu/pub/ghostscript/contrib/ for delphi example files) to convert to a bitmap.

Though I've not used it (was just aware of its existence) I would expect you should be able to put the data into a memory stream and read it from there.

Though, if your software is going to be non-open source it could be an issue .

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